Sunday, 13 July 2008

Would you hire me?

SL Name: Kitty Lalonde

RL Age: 27

RL location and time zone: UK (GMT)

What languages do you speak (please provide proficiency level)?

English (Fluent) Typo (also fluent) drunken babbling (Mother tongue)

Normal weekend/weekday SL Online Hours:

12pm til 3pm SL time weekdays Weekends vary between those hours and all the time.

When are you available to start working?



Have you ever danced before? If yes where?

Yes, a now sadly defunct club called Oceans 6

Do you escort as well? If so, do you have regular clients?

I do, and only my wife

Did you have any training? submission school or escort training?

I've had training in the fine art of sarcasm and piss taking.

Have you ever had a leading position? or can you see yourself in such a position?

I've been in many a misleading position if that helps.

Why do you wanna work as a dancer/escort? fun? money? ect.

Sheer boredom and the possibility of sex with people with comedy cocks.

Place a X next to any of the following services you offer as well as a number that reflects your SL or RL experience/skill (1 no experience, 2 so so, 3 good, 4 very good, 5 goddess):

Dancing X 5
Escort X 4
BDSM Dominant X 4
BDSM Submissive X 3
Fetish (e.g. showers, humiliation, etc) X depends on the fetish *winks*


How would you describe your personality?

Borderline insane, quite mouthy, makes every effort to find humour in everything.

What are your major turn-offs?:

Power cuts

What are your major turn-ons?:

Humour and cheesecake


Consider the following situation where you are entertaining a customer. How would you respond to the following suggestions/requests? Use more than one line if needed.

"Hey sexy! Wouldn't mind having you dance on my lap *grins*"

/me giggles "Well I'd love too but you appear to have a small marmoset dancing in your lap already!"

A customer gives you enough to make your top disappear, emote the actual stripping.

/me slides her hands under the waistband of her top, pulling it up across her flesh as she moans softly. Hips undulating softly she continues to remove the top pulling it up over her head and gasping in dismay as it gets stuck under her chin. Attempting to remain calm she tugs pathetically at the top stumbling slightly as it eventually gives way. "Phew" she pants.

You've been giving a yellow rubber duck whilst dancing on your table. What do you do with it? Show off your emoting skills.

/me giggles happily at the duck making it bob up and down complete with little splashing sounds before leaping down from the stage and proceeding to chase people around the room with it making quack quack noises


WillowC said...

I'm just sat here wondering how one goes about "giving a rubber duck". Is it the same as a pearl necklace?

Kitty Lalonde said...

Your mind is now a sewer... I'm sorry love!

Rosie said...


Velicia said...

LOL Not that I own a club or anything, but I'd so hire you... it's people like you that give a club character, imho :P